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Our Next Tele-Seminar! Income Diversification and Profit Strategies for Horse Professionals
Are Your Expenses Crushing Your Profits? Don't miss our next Horse Business Seminar - free to members

Post Ride Notes
DOWNLOAD: Tracking progress and planning what to work on next helps riders improve and stay motivated. Use this download to help you track and improve your riding at shows and at home.

Horse Business Q&A - How Can a Boarding Stable Diversify Their Income?
Susan in Ohio asked - What are some ways to diversify the boarding business to make it more profitable without having a public riding lesson program? - Dear Susan, Thank you for a great question. There are several very important things to consider when it comes to diversifying and while it may be tempting to take short cuts and try new ideas prior to testing them -- I highly encourage you to test your ideas on paper first! Here are some basic guidelines that you can use to identify diversification opportunities and a few examples to give you some ideas for your boarding stable.

Are You Neglecting Your Clients?
When it comes to growing a profitable horse business, most horse professionals get their marketing backwards. They spend the bulk of their marketing dollars and efforts trying to get the attention of new customers and neglect to develop any concrete plan to market to their current customers.

Equestrian Motivation Statement Download
This download will show you how to write a Motivation Statement. Your Motivation Statement will help you focus and clarify why you ride. This download will help you identify what it is that fuels your dedication and helps you achieve your goals.

Questions for an Equine Law Practitioner In Tough Financial Times -- Should You "Half Lease&quo
In tough financial times, horse-sharing arrangements (people in the horse industry sometimes call these "half-lease" or "share board" arrangements) seem desirable because they can save money. But these arrangements can also create problems and unintended consequences. This article discusses the legal aspects

"Rethinking the Horse Business" - Replay
We had a great time at the seminar last night. The Q& A was awesome and we want to thank all of you who participated! Quite a few of you sent us emails hoping we had a tape of the event because you signed up but were unable to attend . So - Just in case you missed the seminar! Here is a link to the replay!

Questions for an Equine Law Practitioner - Laws Involving Equestrian Safety Helmets
Dear Ms. Fershtman: What laws exist involving safety helmets? -- D.H. (North Carolina) This article discusses equestrian helmet laws and addresses legislation involving helmets as well as some recent court cases. The article does not address association or competition rules that involve helmets.

Equestrian Business Backlinks or I'll Scratch Your Back If..
Last week we discussed SEO(Search Engine Optimization)and the important role that Backlinks play in getting good search results. This week, we are going to share some tips about how to get Backlinks and give you a few extra resources and ideas - so that your horse business's website shows up when people are searching for what you offer. Here are three things to consider about Backlinks -

Control Your Energy with Circle Breathing
Take a deep breath!" "Relax!" "Stop holding your breath!" "Don't worry about it!" "Just breathe!" Are these phrases part of your riding? Perhaps it was at a show while you waited for a client's class, on a large group trail ride, or during a frustrating moment in a lesson. These phrases are meant to be helpful, but

Questions for an Equine Law Practitioner In Tough Financial Times -- Should You Take in Boarders
Dear Ms. Fershtman:With the cost of everything going up, I've been thinking of taking in a few boarders in my barn to make some extra money. Is there anything I should know? -- A.C. (No state specified) A.C. is considering a way to bring in cash by turning her horse facility into a small horse boarding stable. The issues she faces are far more complicated and costly than she might think. For example

SEO for Horse Professionals - The Simple Truth About What It Is, Why You Need It and How To Get It
While lots of techies would like you to remain confused and overwhelmed by the mysteries of SEO (and other www acronyms) it's really not as complicated as they would like to have you think. Here is a simple explanation. SEO stands for search engine optimization. But what it means, is

Grieving the Loss of a Horse
There are two concerns I want to address in this article; first the process of grieving the loss of a horse due to fire or other causes, and second that there is some evidence that horses go to heaven. Both issues may be important to those suffering through the loss of their equines and other animals precious to them.

USHJA Emerging Athletes Program - An Interview With Melanie Fransen, The USHJA Director of Programs
The Emerging Athletes Program is designed to identify and support talented young equestrians with a desire to learn and excel at their sport. The particpants are chosen by talent and rather than qualifying by competition success, a video and application are used to select the riders.

Questions for an Equine Law Practitioner You Have a Corporation - Can You Be Personally Liable?
My wife and I have a riding lesson business. Our friend recommended that we set up a Limited Liability Company. Does this mean my wife and I can't be sued anymore?-- R.M. (No state specified) Equine businesses have

Use Your Focus to Succeed in the Show Ring
Walking through the in gate at a big show feeling focused, excited and ready is a skill that all riders need. It doesn't matter if you are in a novice equitation class or a World Cup qualifier, the ability to harness energy or adrenaline and direct it to your riding skills is essential. In fact, it is

How to Make Good Decisions for Your Horse Business
Running a financially successful horse business isn't easy. The decisions you make on a daily basis can affect the profitability of your business. Unfortunately, by the time the effect of these decisions shows up in your books and bank account the damage can already be done. However, there is a solution

Does Your Horse Business Have Winning Numbers? - A Terrific Two Minute Video Tip About Profit Margin
Watch a terrific two minute video tip about profit margins and the decisions they influence.

Questions for an Equine Law Practioner - Practical Ways to Avoid Trial Period Disputes
Who would expect that a simple trial period arrangement could go bad? Unfortunately, these arrangements can and sometimes do. In the horse industry, sellers often allow potential buyers a "trial period." In some trial

Horse Training & Boarding Business Budget With Cogs - Pre-filled categories
Use this budget sheet for complex horse businesses that offer a variety of services. Pre-filled accounts make this form fast to use

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